Smaller Homes Gaining Popularity

A recent article in the Indianapolis Star entitled "Homeowners no longer have a taste for McMansions" attests to the changing demands of today's buyers. Their studies showed homes in the 5,000 square foot and higher range exceeding 100 days average on the market.

There's no doubt that a majority of "boomers" with kids grown and gone on down to the "millennials" who when they do decide to buy, choose functionality over size. These monster houses may just be less important to buyers of the future.


Our market here on Florida's east coast, offers many options from custom homes 2500 to 3500 square feet , having great outdoor living space and pools to smaller zero lot line homes, some in gated communities, where space utilization and efficiency help make living easy. Once again, with our great weather, lanais, decks and pool areas become favored living areas.

So check it out! There's a lot of living to be done, and the more conservative properties almost always provide tax and insurance savings over the McMansions.

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